Baby, Come Home - Stephanie Bond So from  baby, come home I learned that I really really don't like secret baby plots.... The writing and the storytelling, itself   was well done, and I liked the basic storyline... But the secret baby bit... Yeah, that annoyed me to no end...The heroine didn't even want to tell he H about his kid, until right before she planned to leave... Seriously? Can you say pansy assed? I just kept getting annoyed at her... She had plenty of chances to tell the H but didn't ... Either because the time wasn't right ( meaning she couldn't just cut and run after dropping that bomb) or because she wasn't ready.... It just all seemed to be about her rather then her kid....sorta kinda hard to like her...maybe if we'd seen how hard it was for her to live in Sweetness when she was a kid, I'd be able to relate better ... I generally don't like flashbacks, but this book was a good example of when they can be your friend... Even if it was just in a prologue, the littlest hint of what life was like for her, I'd be able to say, oh that's why she is the way she is... Without it, we just keep getting told over and over, her past was sad and hard, but IMO,  we never really get a good idea of why.Anyway, the hero was okay.... Honestly I don't really have   much of an opinion re: him.he's a good old southern boy... Who usually plays mediator between his I said, he's okay... we just don't get to know him enough.the rest of the book is ridiculously predictable! What's the use in reading the book, if I  can guess  whats going to happen? GrrrrSo, If were strictly using gr's guidelines then I guess this is a 2..... Maybe even a 2 .5 ... If  secret babies aren't an issue for you, then I'd say the book is a solid 3 stars...On a side note I will admit I'm a bit sketchy about the last book in the series as well as it uses another device I'm not find of : girl reporter heroines! I'm giving SB the benefit of the doubt, because despite how much I disliked the plot device she used in BCH, I was able to finish the book, and pretty quickly too!