Zero Factor - Stacy Gail So I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately, but I really really liked the idea behind zero factor...with a bit more work...smoothing out some, IMO, roughened edges this could have been a really good book...My issues...and I don't think there were that many of them stem from the over all length of the was just too short....we don't really get any of the neccessasry build up or back story to really get into the book...we're sort of just thrown into ms Gail's world with little to no info...we get bits and pieces along the way, but I never felt like I really got what was going on...and imo, thw world building in only marginally touched on....we're told a bit about the world, but we're not really shown it...As for the language....I read a review (on amazon, I think)  for this mentioning the slang....shyte, dayum and zero factor...and yes there a tad irritating, but the first two are only  used occasionally so they didn't bug me too much....but the phrase zero factor popped up a lot, especially at the end... so if that's the sorta thing that bothers yo, I'd stay clear.As for the characters....we don't seem to learn a whole lot about them...i dont remember if there was any introspection at all by either leading character, but it's what I think was missing the most ..Like a  lot of shyte ( couldn't help myself)  stuff happens, but we don't seem to get inside either characters head...the H's commander tries to kill him, and we'retold he's affected by it, but we never see it's sorta hard to believe any changes in him....Add to that the relationship b/w the H and h moved at warp minute they don't like/ know each other, then they have sex, then they're in love....seriously....that was it. So as it is, Zero Factor reminds me of a bad made for tv sci fi movie...the idea's interesting, but needs polishing to reach its potential. 3 stars.