The Art of Ethan - Cara North Meh...theres not a whole lot to say about this one....I mean, it was an okay book, it sounds better IMO, then it actually was though.The best way to describe the book is easy...or maybe simple would be more apt, everything was laid  out very neatly, and it's easy to follow a long. There's little to no angst, a couple secondary characters I wasn't too fond of, in particular the h's cousin( can you say diva?) The main characters were okay...I mean I didn't dislike them, but I really didn't like them either....they were sorta just there...I did get annoyed at how many times we were told that the Hero was just so so so hot....It felt like every few pages we're told all over again that Ethan was just soooo hot women couldn't not throw themselves at him..Oh, and the bad guys weren't bad so much as a** holes....and not technically guys either...and they never really DO anything truly bad...altogether , I'd just call them a nuisance ....they don't really serve much a purpose, the whole suspense part of the novel is pretty non existent.If you are thinking about reading this, I'd very strongly suggest you find an excerpt first! The writing style isn't for everyone, but I dot know how to explain why...and honestly, the first time I tried reading this I had to stop a couple chapters in...and didn't pick it up again for over a year! Even now, I had to take a bunch  breaks, and switch to something else, before switching back! I wouldn't call it bad writing, just yeah read an excerpt, if you can!2.5 stars.