The Professor - Cathy Perkins Meh....The Professor is billed as Romantic Suspense, but it's more romantic SUPENSE, with the emphasis and detail on the mystery/suspense part of story line....there is a romance subplot present, but it's only a marginal part of the story, IMO...and felt like it was separate from the mystery plotline. And I'm not sure if this makes sense, but it felt like the romance bits were written by someone who hasn't written romance it doesn't read like romances novels (in their varioius forms) generally do...I guess that's not technically a bad thing, it just made everything feel off...i really don't know how else to explain it...Add to that there were parts where the book dragged, and other bits (sorta like info dumps) that seemed totally unecessary to the over arching story....those parts weren't long, but they felt so out of place, and not a little boring, that I ended up skimming 3 stars....It's a pretty decent read for somene who likes suspense/thrillers, but for me, a fan of equal parts romance and suspense in my RS reads, this was just meh...I received an advance copy of 'The Professor' from netgalley