Cooking Class - V.J. Devereaux For the most part Cooking Class is pretty short, but it doesn't really feel like it. A lot happens...most of it good reading, though a few things did bother me..First off, 60 to 65% os this story is all sex. 35-40% is actual story. As I've come across books with little to no plots, this didn't bother me too much, though hoenstly I'd have loved more story. As for the heat levels, I'd say in ranges, some scenes definitley earned a 4 (of 5) , while otehrs were only a 3...Maybe it's just me, but it somtimes it felt like some of the good stuff got glossed over...Now then, the heroine is supposed to be one of only two people that stand up to the hero, but at the first sign of trouble, she was sort of a WTH? moment for me, and I have tos ay I almsot stopped reading. Story-wise that inconsisitency was propbably my biggest issue. Add to that this needs quite a bit of editing. There were a few glaring errors including a few times where names were mixed up. Also the point of view switchd almost randomly, like there wasn't any rhyme or reason when we'd go from one characters pov to anothers'. Also and I'm using spoiler tags just in case but this is a menage which isn't clear from the cover or from the description. I know that bugs some people so I wanted to mention it. But over all the story was pretty damn good. Like I said a lot happens... And it kept me reading, as well as guessing as to who the bad guy was (....though looking back I feel like I should have guessed!) So 3.5 stars, if you're looking for new author's to try, this one is definitely worth a shot, and I for one, am definitley going to be looking for more V.J Devereaux titles!