Bunny and the Bear - Eve Langlais 3.9 stars....in other words almost, but not quite 4 stars. Bunny and the Bear was really cute and entertaining. The humor was snarky (the way I like it), the sex scenes were plentiful, the main characters (we get both their points of view) were fun and the overall story was light and enjoyable... It was also short (the biggest negative), hence the pretty short review. It's the first book in the series, and its probably better to read them in order, for no other reasdon then there are spoilers if you don't. If you decide not to read in order, you'll still be able to easliy figure things out (...I'm basing that opinion on the fact that i strted book 2, before realizing it was book 2, then stopped to read this,book 1, first.)oh and a side note, the heroine sorta reminded me of a couple of Shelly Larentston charaters combined. Keep in mind this in not an indepth story, and you'll have a great ol time with it!