Ink Master (Ink and Kink, #3) - Frances Stockton So for the most part Ink Master was a pretty entertaining read...I loved that there was a plot! While it did get pushed to the background a few times, it wasn't abandoned and it did carry all the way towards the end of the book. Also I loved, loved that we didn't have to wait til the end for the H and h to say their ILY's! seriously that made me all kinds of happy. And I loved a lot of the secondary cahracters, and now i can't wait for another book! However despite how much i enjoyed the story I did have a couple issues that made it impossible to give this higher then 3.5 stars:This first thing just seemed odd to me, and not a little bit frustrating. The h's sister dies, and in part in seems like she (the sister) couldn't go to her family for help becasue of her (and the h's) dad's behavior....but no one ever seems to call him on it...It's sorta jsut glossed over, and t he heroine's suffering from daddy doesn't love me doldrums...The dad does eventually apologize/feel bad for how he acted, but by then it was a little to late for me. Then there's the fact that the heroine starts the book off as a novice in the world of BDSM, ....yet in all the sex scenes, she seems to know exactly what to do...The hero mentions at ones point that he's given her lessons, but it occurs off stage, which for me seems a little too much like a cop out, and honestly I can't help but be disapointed that we don't get those scenes! Add to that the BDSM aspect as a whole...Despite some of the er...eqipment our Hero and heroine use, IMO, it's just not as instense/descriptive as I was hoping for...Maybe it's just me, but it seemed like a lot of stuff got glossed over. Lastly, the only other thing that bugged me was that the bad guy was crazy to easy to figure out...I kept hoping I was wrong! But like I said, overall Ink Master is a great book, and as first time Frances Stockton reader, I have to say I can't wait to read more!