Athena's Hunger - Bonnie Rose Leigh, Gabriella Bradley So  I may just be saying this because it got me past my reading slump, but Athena's Hunger was a lot better then I was expecting... It actually had a story that kept me interested all the way til the end!Having said that, I still wouldn't call this was too short ( 130 pages in ebook format) and it had some editing/ continuity issues. And there's really very little back story/ world building...although this is book 2, and I never read bk1, so it's possible the background info is there...(despite the missing info, I was still able to read the book fairly easily, even without having read that first book.)So yeah, I was able to stop thinking, sit back and be entertained for awhile so that earns Athena's Hunger 3 stars in my book.