Synthetic Dreams - Kim Knox 4.5 stars....okay, seriously awesome stuff here..It was just so so good!Synthetic dreams took me completely be surprise, it's so,so far beyond what I was expecting, I'm still reeling! it's a well told engrossing read...with strong, interesting characters...I'd have given it 5 stars but for a few things: it's so so good, it really should have been longer, these characters, and this amazing SFR tale could have easily been at least a hundred pages longer. Add to that, the story is only told through the heroines head...while it works, I want to see inside the hero's head, dammit! I want his back story, I want to kow what he's thinking as well as planning....I just want to see everything through his eyes! Plus I'd have loved more back story from the heroine,  and for the whole story to have been drawn out...everything moves super that ive finished the book, I really really want more!The only other thing that bugged me was that things seemed to get a little to technical...though to be fair, I was damn near exhausted when I read this ( the fact that I stayed awake, despite desperately needing to sleep just shows you how awesome this is)So yeah, awesome awesome read...I probably didn't go on enough about all the great stuff thats in the book, but I'm still exhausted, and am at a loss what else to's  been way too long since I've read any good sci if romance, but now I'm definitely adding Kim Knox to my authors to watch list!I -thankfully- received this arc from net galley