Rough It Up - Emma Hillman I really need to stop reading these short stories.... And this was pretty damn short...which means next to no character development....though the hero does come off as pretty slutty, almost no world building, and not a whole lotta story really there's not a whole hell of a  lot I can's sorta choppy, like it reads kinda sorta like a script, where it keeps going from one scene to the next without any transitions. Eh, heat level's like a 3 I guess,Oh there was one bit that didn't make sense...and its spoiler-y so I'm using the tags...So the h's stepdad, tells her mom that the h is a mixed breed....shouldn't she, the mom have known, that wasn't the case? She both screwed and married the heroines father, I'm betting she knew what he was, so this new guy telling her something that opposes what she already knew, yeah that didn't really mesh, and pulled me out of what little plot there was.Yeah, I don't think I'll be reading this author again...unless of course she writes a longer, well panned out story, with mre of...well, everything. 2 stars, I guess.