Deserving of Luke - Tracy Wolff Huh....I sorta feel gypped after finishing this one. It's the first title I've  finished by Ms wolff ( the 2nd I've attempted ) It was going along swimmingly  for like the first 3/4ths of the book ...I was engaged by the characters,  invested in the story and looking forward to seeing  how these two very angry people found their way back to each other...and then it seems like our dear Madame authoress came to a point where she decided she needed to wrap things up so she threw in an oft used plot device that felt a little too much like a cop out, and ended things, IMO, rather abruptly.But let me set the story up, first.....This is a second chance at love storyline with  The hero as the towns golden boy and the heroine was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks... They break up in high school....Long story short: she gets pregnant, His Buddies tell him, she's a skank and slept with half of them, and so He doesn't believe her when she tells him the the kid is his, he insults her,they part ways, She gets the hell outta dodge (and becomes pretty damned successful)....and she stays outta...well dodge, until her sister asks her to come back (there's a side storyline about the h and her sister's less then happy parting of ways, so the heroine wants to come back to patch things up)so she gets back to town...and Quelle  surprise He sees his son! and gets mad at the heroine for keeping him a secret!...But take heart, haters of secret baby plots! Because as I stated before, she told him she was pregnant....multiple times...she begs him, Begs him! to belive her...She gets her sister to contact him {the one she didnt get along with), on the day she has the baby and he hangs up on He knew....He just didn't belive it....So up til here, Ms Wolff does a bang up job of  storytelling...I'm right there with her, and her characters...wanting to know how on earth these two angry people, are going to get their happy ever after...and then she does it...Remember the oft used plot device I mentioned, well here's where she uses it... and then Bam! every things solved, everything's forgiven, and then THE END....a HEA, with freaking rainbows and sunshine every freaking where.....But dammit! there's so much we never get! The Hero never really comes into his own...Honestly, he seems a bit on the weak side  He's definitely  not a beta (I usually like beta heroes along with the Alpha's), and  he's kinda sorta not really Hero-material...And I kept waiting to learn  why his friends (some of whom, he's still supposedly friends with, though we see neither hide nor hair of any of them) lied to him, or to see the Hero confronting anyone...anyone at all! Or most importantly....we never get to see him defend his heroines freaking honor to their judgmental little town!  Oh and I'd have loved to have seen, the heroine herself, take on some of her nasty neighbors....But then again, she was pretty kick ass, so that last bit would have just been for fun, not really necessary to the story :pBut instead, everything just sorta abruptly ends, and I'm left feeling pissed (and it gets worse the longer I think about the ending)...and disappointed...It just needed to be a little longer, with a more gradual ending, and I'd have been thrilled! On cloud freaking nine...instead I'm borderline desperate to find something else to read, so I can forget how much potential Deserving  of Luke had, and how badly it disappointed me