Black Magic - Cherry Adair If this had been my first Cherry Adair title, I would never have read anything else by her!I'm going to keep this short, because i feel like I've already given too much time to it:Prologue was more or less unnecessary, H&h's relationship fizzles out because of lacking communication (one conversation could've fixed things, CA does a decent job of telling us why they don't have said one conversation, but by then I no longer cared), only so-so world building (ms Adair did a good job building the parts of the world I could care less about, but ignored the stuff I'd have liked to have known more about) and even as a PNR fan, I just couldn't get into the snake-y bad guys...Oh and words like "Aequitas" and 'Ophidian' should not appear so much in a novel without a pronunciation guide. The heroine irked me to no end, she seemed a little too weak willed for me to ever really like her. And the story never sucked me in. I kept finding things I just had to do, in order to avoid reading this. yeah 2.5 stars