Yesterday's Secret Sins - Marilyn Lee The synopsis Is pretty spot on...but at the same time not very much happens...She (the h) saw her H in  a photo when she was 17 (he;s I think like 31-ish) fell in love with him ( yes, without ever actually meting her best friends brother), HE gets married like a year later, years later, (she's 25)  he's divorced, she moves to his town, and finagles a meeting with him via his sis,  supposedly to interview him about a book ( that after a certain point, we never hear about again)  and he's a jerk to her(sorta like little boys are mean to girls they like)..but she loves him, so she just takes it...again and again, though she does keep comparing him to other guys, who like her without all the trouble he gives her...Anyway, so She's getting blackmailed, as is almost every other prominent woman in the city, by a douche from the h's past....she refuses to tell H about it, as does H's ex wife who he's friendly with (Loves, but isn't In Love with), but she's  sort of a bitch...well, okay, really she kept flip flopping... nice decent one moment, bitchy the next.....can you say irritating?Well, the blackmailer who's more of a shadowy figure then a real only bad because we're told he's bad....we don't really get to see his badness in person ( to speak.) Then he bites it near the end of the book, like the summary says, the heroine's found at his place, the H who's still a bit of an ass, (IMO), decides he has to prove the h's innocence, and his ex's, who was also at the scene of the crime, and  who has decided she wants him back (and at one point tells, him, she'll tell him everything,-you know stuff he needs to know, with his job as Chief of Police-  if he'll give up the h....So okay,  I  don't usually do plot synopsis', but hopefully that was at least somewhat helpful :)Anyway, the book was just okay...None of the characters were fleshed out,(the H gets over his issues re: the heroines money and age, pretty freaking quickly, considering the provided summary makes it seem like a BFD) the plot re: the blackmailer was only sorta there...I'd say it was more on the periphery of the story then anything else. ,  Even the sex was barely fleshed out...not as graphic as I was expecting ...and over all the whole thing is pretty short...maybe a few hours worth of reading.Huh, I can't help feeling I was expecting too much...2 stars.