Liar's Game - Kait Gamble Overall, Liar's Game was a pretty disappointing SFR's really only sf because it takes place in space, and very little R ( none, really until the very end of the story). Honestly the whole story seemed like one really long scene then a story with a beginning, middle, climax, and an end. What conflict there was, was resolved waaaay too character building, no world building, over all very little actually happened!  The stowaway is found stowing away, the h,supposedly a very kick ass female, ( though, IMO we never really see any more than just hints of this)  has this elaborate plan to figure out what this girl is planning, and is still surprised when said girl ( the stoway) finally makes her move....that's it! The end. I guess its a 3 star read, though  in a couple hours, i probably wont even remember it! I received this e-arc from net galley