Shadow's Edge - J.T. Geissinger So I think I wanted to like this more the I did. Having said that I really like the idea and the writing for the most part was well done.Now for what I didn't like:-The looooong winded descriptions- they almost did me in! ...they were mostly of the settings...the woods, different houses, an airplane, etc...paragraphs and paragraphs of descriptions! What's more was that, there was, IMO, a lack of world we learn very little about the cookie cutter bad guys...and aspects of the itari ( the main shifter race ) are either left out or we get bits and pieces, but never felt like I really understood anything. All those descriptions oh where stuff went down should have been instead centered on the Itari society or even character backstory.-Inconsistencies. There were a few within the story, where we'd get told things worked one way, then later on we'd be told they worked a different way and I'd get pulled right out of the story. Mostly though, the inconsistencies came about in character, and maybe this is just me, but the characters seemed liked different minute the h's a kick ass chick, the next a wish washy one, then later bitchy was hard to take...i felt like I ever got to know her ( or the H) and why she'd do certain things.And lastly, and this is pretty minor, but there were a few hard to pronounce words in there...( on the plus side I did expand my vocab :D)Anyway, like I said the writing style was for the most part done well, but this was a hard book to get the last few pages I just wanted it to be over...but it just...kept...going! B/w 2.5 and 3 stars.