Timepiece - Heather Albano 4.5 stars!Timepiece  was soo soo good! Can you say addicting! I'm  not sure how it came to my attention as it didn't really seem to be my normal read, but I'm so glad it did!  I haven't read a historical  anything in a while, definitely not one anywhere near as good! Let's see, the only downsides IMO, are the length ( too short) and we don't get to know the main characters enough, but I'm hoping the next book will solve that issue (....coming out summer 2012, so anytime now :D )Otherwise Ms Albano does a great job of keeping the story consistent while telling a cohesive and engrossing tale. It's action packed, though in the beginning said action isn't as in your face as the phrase implies. Stuff happens, that kept me turning pages, then other stuff happens, and I still couldn't stop reading, and even more happens, and  i simultaneously devoured the story and silently cursed Ms Albano or having the audacity to end the book!Technically, I guess  I'd call it steam punk, but not overly so. I don't know how to explain what I mean by that without giving too much away so , give it a chance, and find out or yourself, lol.Keep in mind, , you may wanna give it a couple chapters, IIRC the action doesn't pick up again for a couple chapters after the prologue. Also there was no cursing ( I don't think), no sex scenes, and only shades of romance...which are all hallmarks of my regular reads, so color me gleefully surprised by how much I seem to be loving this story! Okay, hopefully this is at least a somewhat coherent review, I may try to clean it up later, but I'll just end with this: Go read it! :)