Alien Revealed (The Confederacy Treaty, #1) - Lilly Cain So I think my reading of this was screwed by my expectations.The summary brought The Down Home Zombie Blues to mind, while not my favorite Linnea Sinclair title, was still a solid SFR read. Instead, Alien Revealed bynew to me author Lilly Cain was more sci if erotica...a futuristic one , though we're never given a year, at least iirc.  So if hot sex between a hot human hero  and an alien heroine  with little bondage thrown in with only a marginal plot is what you're looking for, congrats you found it!Me though, I wanted more... everything! All we learn about the H and h is shallow stuff, Imo, i wanted more background info, where they came from, what were they like, how did they grow up..and i really wanted the world to be built up more ( or at all. We get bits and pieces, but no clear understanding of anything) , and to have a time frame of reference...was this alternate reality or a couple hundred years in the future? How'd we get to this point? What exactly is star force ( the org the hero worked for)  and how do they work? And the heroine's home planet...we learn they have red skies...and they're empaths...but that's about it...whats her world like?  so I like the premise, but it def wasn't what I was looking/hoping for and the delivery was a disappointment....there's so much more that could've been done, so what we get...well meh seems like the best word to describe it. 3 stars