Dane (The MacKenzie Brothers #1) - Liliana Hart Dammit, i need to do better research before starting new books...this is a novella. An erotic one. That means the H and h jump into the sack waaaay to fast and there's hardly any story...seriously, to some extent I wonder why they even other with a plot synopsis in books like these? While this author does a great job of tying up the story at the end, maybe only 10 % ( if that) of the story is actual...well, story.It's sorta like watching a movie with someone who's already seen it, and fast forwards through just to get to the love scenes...you have no idea who the characters are, why they're together... You're pretty much a voyeur watching 2 strangers go at it. ( if that's your cuppa, enjoy :D)I think what irritated me most was the characterization...what little there was...and this is sorta a spoiler, so I'll use the tags but in 10 years that the H isnt around, the h never has sex with anyone else. 10 years. I get raising your secret baby, but seriously? And yeah, guess what the hero who's never stopped loving her is doing those 10 years? Oh that's right he's fucking his way through his travels trying to forget her....can't you just feel the love? Yeah, no. oh yeah,and the heroine's kid, he's mentioned but never actually appears anywhere...and for a mother who's worried about protecting her kid, she lets this douche back into to their lives way to easily...Okay, so I'll totally admit to a jaundiced perspective, but on the plus side, the sex scenes were well written..now if only they had some plot to go with em'!2 stars.