Night Forbidden (Envy Chronicles, #5) - Joss Ware Joss wareokay, real quick( read: short)So if your a joss ware fan, you know joss  books are a-may-zing! They're so so good ! And  it's been ages...AGES since she's last released a seeing this...made me do a happy dance..and I don't dance. Mostly, because I can't, but get the point :pIf, however, you've never read Joss Ware, don't start here!There's an over arching storyline, that makes more sense if you read them in order:Beyond the NightEmbrace the NightAbandon the NightNight BetrayedNight ForbiddenAnd next, Night Resurrected Okay, now then, I loved, loved loved this! only 2 things kept this from earning 5 stars: everythign felt like it happened to quickly...or maybe it's just that there didn't seem like there was enough story...I wanted more, darnit!And this second bit is connected to the first, but the H, Fence....I felt like we didn't get enough of him...background's been awhile, I think over a year since the last book, so I may be wrong, but it didn't seem like we learn a lot about him in previous books, so I'd have liked to learn more about particular about his family!  But altogether, this was an excellent addition to the series, fast paced, some surprising  bits, some not so surprising, some great bits from characters from books past and future,  and all well written, though I wish the epilogue had been just a little bit longer....and that the wait for the next book isn't quite so long* crossing my fingers*4.5 stars