A Taste of the Nightlife - Sarah Zettel I think I just read my first cozyI probably would've liked it more, had I known it was a cozy.Plot wise....So the h, owns a restaurant with her famously irresponsible, and somewhat newly vampired  brother. Then they find a body, at their place of business....so the rest of the book is the h, trying to figure out how badly her brother screwed up as to lead to a dead body....all the while knowing she's going to have to sav him, since it's her fault he's all campy, and at the same time fighting off the advances of H 1 and H2....yeah, okay I never really got into this story.Ms zettel does a good job of making  it seem like  a lot is  happening , without a lot actually happening....like it will seem like a lots's going on, but if you think about it, it takes ages for anything to actuallY b accomplished. Then there's the reason the h feels like she has to save her brother....it's a secret for most of the book, but when it comes up...well, it's sorta lame....I'm sure if the description had been heavier, more guilt ridden/ angsty, i'd have bought it, but the way it's described is so freaking tame, it was sorta hard to take it seriously....and t had the added effect of making me like the h even less...Well, that's not quite true...it's not that I don't like the h, it's that I don't care....i dont care what happens to her restaurant, or any pf the myriad pf secondary characters that pop up through out the book, or about the ensuing vamp vs non vamp politics, .i dont care whoch H she chooses, i dont care the least little bit about what goes on in the next book.I'm not sure if it's because I didn't like the h's voice, there wasn't enough world building for me to truly get pulled Ito the world SZ is trying to create or that it's just that I was expecting a pnr- ish UF, and got a cozy instead. AndIt's not that this is badly written or anything,it's just that I didn't get sucked in, I didn't like anyone, and again, I just didn't care.... I never found that overarching  need to keep reading, keep going despite the chores and other real-world things I had to do...and I think that's what's most got me disappointed... Like what I'm guessing most readers want, I wanted to want to keep going, to find that driving need to put everything aside and just keep reading ...but pretty much the opposite happened...so much so that I'll  admit to staying up super late to finish this,  just so I didn't have  to start another day finding excuses not to finish this...so, for me this is a 2 star read.If you're a fan of cozies or want to try one, there's a good chance you'll like this, but it's not for me....and it may be a while before I give another one a try...though maybe going in knowing what I'll be getting ( and actually reading reviews!) will make all the difference!On a side note, years ago I read one of Ms Zettel's Camelot books...IMO it was a lot better( while still being super clean), it's not a cozy, but a historical, and definitely worth a chance :D