For Men Only: A Loveswept Classic Romance - Sally Goldenbaum My teeth hurt, this is so freaking sweet. And I didn't realize til i went to mark it 'read' that this was a love swept title, and that it was from 1994 as I received it via net galley. ( other then one reference to a fold up cellular phone, I wouldn't have even realized this was published over  15 years ago)So for the most art, FMO sticks to ts synopsis, Ellie's teaching a cooking class,trying to get a cooking cool off the ground, the H's ex wfe has gone the selfish ho-bag route, and the first time they meet, the H, Pete, holds how pretty Ellie(the h) is against her ( and that she looks a lot like his ex doesn't help), and their date is pretty bad ( though a lot of it was coincidence, IMO....they reconnect via E's cooking class, and slowly but surely build up their relationship...despite the fact that neither of them was looking for a person like the other:.the H didn't want another ambitious woman in his life, the h wasn't looking for a man at all, let alone one with kids. So, how  was it? Honestly, it wasn't I said, it's really really sweet, and some of the dialogue is cheesetastic...and while there is a couple love scenes, they're not graphic in the least...for the most part, I think tame is a good word to describe "for men only". Oh and I know this is a pet peeve for a lot of people, so keep in mind, there's a lot of head paragraph would start in the heroine's pov, then suddenly we'd be in the H's perspective, and if have no idea how we'd gotten there! I can't tell if t gets better by the second half of the book or I just got used to it, but t wasn't a bid heal, for me. If you're a fan of cute, sweet stories, this may be for you... I don't think it's for me though, neither the story nor the love swept line, though I may give a more recently published one a chance...eventually. 2 stars.