Obsidian  - Jennifer L. Armentrout Ok So honestly, this isn't so much a review as a rant ...And I'll say this right off the bat: I did not like this book. It has plenty of other four and five star reviews, so I know I'm in the minority, but I couldn't ever really get into it. Oh and I've also gotta mention that I love SFR, --sci fi romances have been a favorite of mine for ages. Especially the well written ones. Obsidian was no where near one of them. So skipping the plot synopsis( there's quite a bit I don't remember, And the bits I do remember, I'd rather forget ), ...all the issues I have with this book are as follows:The Aliens. They remind me of why I hated Fantastic Four 2...Well,the primary reason at any rate. and IIRC its why so many Trekkies never seemed to like the characters in Star Trek Voyager : They're too damn human. The word "alien" implies out of this world....IMo what's the fun in reading about an entirely different species if they're just like us?and it sorta feels a little too gimmicky ...You could easily substitute any other paranormal/supernatural being in their place, and not much changes ... but aliens aren't nearly as overdone, so there you go. Not to mention how freaking well adjusted they all are...I mean i know they've been on the planet for a few a years now, but they don't act like aliens....no they act like clique of all the popular kids...Oh and then there's the hero! Seriously, this is the book that really drives home how long it's been since I've been a teenager if teen girls think guys like this are hot... He's all over the damn place and for more then half the book, dude's an irritating douche. and Geez, I get it, the guy's beyond all kinds of hot. He's so hot, that despite being an asshat, everyone who sees him instantly falls in lust with him...and he moves super fast....He's always moving super, super fast, and each time it's made into a BFD. Every. Freaking. Time. oh and then there's the girl...she just seems so damn young....and at times desperate.and she had a few idiot moments. and her voice bugged the ever loving crap out of me. Oh and there's this scene was she, the girl who's never fought any freaking one, beats a bad guy...I won't say how, but seriously? Little miss, I have little to no experience with violence of any kind, manages to kick ass?What's worse, though is the extra's, because they tell certain scenes from the H's point of view, and while It's nice to see where he's coming from, it really doesn't change how i feel about him...but it does make me wish this was written in third person, if for no other reason then to get out of both of these characters heads. And I think the relationship that was trying to be built, an antagonizing sometimes cutesy one, where the Hero is standoffish, because he's being noble and knows that he can't be with the heroine, so it's better if they don't get close...yeah, that never really clicks for me. It felt like he was just being moody, and sending never ending mixed signals...Again, do YA's really think that's hot? TO be fair, I will say that JA does do a good job capturing teen angst...but it's the kind that anyone not a YA, (and maybe some YA's too) rolls their eyes at. However, (and here's the rub) despite everything I couldn't seem to stand about this book, I kept reading. Although, If I'm being honest, I'm blaming that on my previous read that I couldn't seem to get into, despite loving the genre (steam punk!). But the point is i finished it. And I'm about to read the next book, knowing that this girl will annoy me, if for no other reason then for falling for this idiot boy, so it's begs the question,WTH, is wrong with me? :p2.5 stars.