Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter  - Jessica Sims Just a few things:1)this is a PNR, written in first person, heroine's perspective throughout.2) I didn't read the first book but didn't have any trouble following along. However if you want to read book 1 in the ML series, then you may want to read it first, as this (IIRC) spoils the first book. 3) The Hero was much so that i resent not getting his pov....this is one of those books that would have been so so so much better written with the third person narrative...the way its written, i feel like we only got bits and pieces of what could have been a really good story. 4) the build up was pretty well done, esp how Ms Sims wrote the emotional turmoil the h had to deal with...However the ending was sort of a cop felt a bit rushed and too much happened too quickly, and ended up not feeling believable....and now I feel sorta gypped. 5)That first line in the synopsis, the one calling this a funny series? Yeah, not so much. Yes it was light hearted, and a very easy to read book, but funny it wasn't. So as okay as this was, I probably won't read another JS title...It wasn't bad, but it also never crossed into the territory of good. between 2.5 and 3 stars.