Legacy - Vivi Anna 2.5 starsCan you say average? I liked the idea behind the story, but it was all sooo AVERAGE. average storytelling, average world building ( what little there was) average plot, average characters, average average average...and yes there's some clock work bits and steam engines, but this never feels like a steampunk story. The romance, too was all kinds of average...I think because the book starts with them already knowing each other, it's hard to see what they see in each other. ...oh, and IIRC, there's only one( two at most) sex scene featuring the H and h, and another featuring the bad guys ( seriously, why do I need to read about the big bads nefarious sex life?) Plus in the summary, you know how it says that the H betrayed the h? Yeah that's never fully explained. So, For the most part I thought this was okay, but near the end, I had to take a break...I actually did the dishes as well as laundry just to get away from this one... I'm not sure if it was boredom or frustration that kept me from picking this back up, but, it wasn't bad,really!, but oh so average...nothing really stood out or convinced me this was a series worth sticking with,,.so if you're waiting for another book to come out and just want to keep yourself busy, give this one a go...otherwise, I'd suggest you skip it....you're not missing anything.