Finding Sky - Joss Stirling Just a few things:JS is an English author, with an English protagonist,so that means a lot of British spelling and words...not bad, but took a little bit of time to get used to. also , Imo, we don't really get enough info on the H and his family...or on their powers...Or the whole population of people like them .in other words, there's not a whole lot of world building. Even when the h learns the secrets she was scared to learn, everything seems very vague. I felt like there should have been more.OhThe h! She's a goody goody, meek character, who is hard to like. Shes got a few scenes wheres she gets mad, but honestly every time they come up, she comes off as a mouse. As someone with a bit of a temper, it's hard to read about someone who doesn't do angry very well...half the time, people's reactions were either laughing or stifling their smiles...really? All the way to the end of the book, shes like i supposed to find this endearing? if so, it didn't work. Also she doesn't curse....which okay, isn't necessary, and it's a small thing, and maybe im reading more then there is to it, but I irritated me, because it felt like she was trying too hard not to say a bad word, because good girls don't cuss, rather the having any real opinion on the subject.Okay, so one part I liked, was when the H and h are together. Those scenes were cute. I do wish they went from being enemies to not enemies, much more gradually, but still, I liked them them, together. Probably the best bits of the book, really.Oh and lastly, the plan to end all their troubles at the end...not bad, but it also seemed weird to find it in ya PNR .. I've read plans like that in RS titles, or even contemps masquerading as rs titles, but not in ya before, or maybe cuz it's supposed to be a para book, that I expected a para ending to things...either way. The big plan, seemed out of place...and didn't fit. So, if we're sticking to gr's guidelines, this was a 2.5 ...a little better then okay, but I don't know if I'd say I liked it.