Marked (Marked Duology, #1) - Jennifer Snyder So, marked....I read it in a few hours, its the 4th book I started in one day, but the only one I made to the end...having said that, I'm not sure i'll read the next's not that Marked was was just very passive....very low key, non exciting....only a couple steps away from boring....nothing even happens till well past the 50% mark. And ...okay, this is sorta spoiler ish, so I'll use the tags. the h starts off with someone who isn't the hero...and she ends up cheating on the non hero some of the things she says...well they make her sound like she's got more in common with the bitchy exes, and mean girls from other ya titles rather then a heroine in her own rite....and the hero's a bit of a pansy...I don't know how to describe him other then that....well, okay, he's sorta like those guys you see from afar, who are all kinds of hot...but then you talk to them and you realize there's nothing beyond all that hotness... So yeah, he's not a favorite...give me an hour and I'll forget all about him...Oh and lastly, there's no world building., it's not that I hated Marked, but rather I just don't care. I don't really care how the heroine resolves her issues with her mother, or how she deals with what happened at the end of the book, and I don't particularly care if she gets her HEA with the hero...I'm just not interested. So 2 stars because it didn't suck.