Absolution - Susannah Sandlin 4 stars...im all kinds of surprised...thought i wasn't reallyinto vamps anymore, when i found this series...this would have been 4.5 but the relationship b/w the H and h, moved a little too quickly for me...It wasn't insta-love, but it was close, imo. And the editing needs a bit of work. Oh and there was some info shared with the h, pretty early on, even though it was sensitive info, that was supposed to be kept top secret, and she, the heroine, was the new girl in town...maybe it's just me, but it struck me as odd...really though, those are just a few minor quibbles..it's a pretty addicting series, but start with the first book, Redemption..there's a overarching storyline that's easier to follow, if you start at the begining :)