A Heart to Rescue - Ivy Sinclair A heart to rescue ivy Sinclair2 stars....everything moves super quickly....they meet, they date, h gets a bit jealous, because of course the H dates modes and actresses, they screw, and the h's ails are all solved. Okay, to be fair, I didn't realize this was a novella, going in , so it took me til nearly the end, when I finally bothered to look at the number of pages, that I figured it out...which explains my issue with it, but still, everything moves too quick for me to enjoy any of it, and there's little to no depth anywhere... Plus the ending was a little hokey...and we don't even get to see either mc's ex....or see them get a comeuppance! Having said that, from the little story there's, , Ms Sinclair can write...and if this had been a full length novel, where things didn't occur at the speed of light, I may have even liked it.