Rewrite Redemption - J.H. Walker So okay... Self pub' indie YA title with loads of potential but ultimately a disappointment of a read.It's not the most original idea, time jumping, but it hasn't been overdone, at least not yet, so the premise of Rewrite Redemption was pretty freaking cool...And Walker’s take on it is pretty interesting...Now, it started pretty good... Right up til I realized that I was at about the halfway mark of this somewhat long book, and the Hero( H) and the heroine (h) hadn't even met yet! There were a few close calls, but for one contrived reason or another they just didn't get a face to face till a good ways into the story...Which leads me to 2 things:1- the h? She's a wuss. Granted she's used to staying off the radar, but that doesn't have to mean she's a mouse! She's got this amazing ability that's had a freakin ginormous impact on her life, you'd think she'd do nearly anything or meet anyone who could possibly help her figure things out and that she'd do so, as soon as friggin possible! But no... This chick wusses out, puts it off, and lets her BFF ( more on her later) do the work for her. & 2) it also makes it hard to believe the H is even all that into the h. I mean, come on, when you're reading a romance, no matter who the intended audience is, don't you expect the H to go after the h, with everything he's got( unless he has a reasonable/ believable reason not to)? and don't you expect him to get to it, right quick? Or at the very least, meet the girl! Even if its just a hello, or passing each other in the hallway, something!They're aware of each other fairly early on in the story ( they can feel each others energy) so that it takes ages and ages for them to have a freaking convo is a big ass negativo in my book. Another bone of contention, and I really should have led with this one, is that while we get both mc's first person perspectives on alternating chapters, there's no clear delineation between said pov's... At least not if you're like me and ignore those little designs above the chapter headings -it took me a couple chaps and quite a few moments of confusion to figure it out: there's an image of a key to denote a chapter from the heroines point of view, and the hands on a analog clock for the hero. My biggest issue (though not my last one, i've got a couple more after this one) was a secondary character...remember, I told you there'd be more on the bff? Well, here's she is! And she rubbed me the wrong freaking way. Altogether, I think the hero spends more time with her, than the heroine...she was like an unromantic and unintentional other woman. The H acknowledges how hot she is ( and i’m quoting him here, she was a stone, cold fox), but they don't flirt...oh no, what they do is talk, and get to know each other a lot, share quite a bit of personal info about themselves. Seems strange behavior between two characters who have no interest in each other, and who don't actually know each other. Maybe it's just me, but it felt like the bff stole some of the heroine's thunder...ESP if they're connected, the H and h, or are “melding”, I think was the word just felt like the BFF stole some of that ‘getting to know you’ part of the relationship, and it's hard to take. To be fair, I think the convo's between the H and the bff were more about info dumping, then building a relationship, but it still irked some degree, it even felt like the BFF wasn't happy as a secondary character ( she is in no way a minor character, so I can't call her that) so she was vying for the heroines role instead. Seriously, seriously pissed me off. esp because the H and the bff are doing their getting to know you’s as the h is getting almost raped. Yeah, she saves herself, and learned to trust herself, and rely on her self, but all the while, they, (her friend and potential love interest) are sharing their histories with each other...during what I think was their second meeting....can you say grrr? Oh and it didn't help, that the BFF treats the h as someone she has to mommy. She stands up for her, she takes care of her, she gets to know potential boyfriends for her, instead of letting her do anything herself!Oh and the world's decent, but there's so much we never get to know! ESP, about the secret organization, the Hero, is a part of. Having him go on admission, or at least describe one, would go along way into showing their purpose, rather than just telling us about it. And there are aliens! Not as a part of the main story, but they exist! And we get next to nothing about them, seriously!? Oh and what the heroine is, a shadow? We get told what that is, but I'd have liked more, info, and maybe even a history lesson. Would've been nice, and would’ve given us a better idea of, well everything.We do see the heroine go back in time, but she doesn't have a mission, her only goal is to go home...the whole scene...was seemingly endless, and only served to irritate me, (you’d have ot read the spoiler i mention above, to figure out why).oh and another thing that bothered me...there's virtually no secrecy in this book. I mean, for all intents and purposes, the Hero works for a super secret organization, (IIRC, it's called, the Guild) Even if he's pissed off at said agency, some hesitancy to share all their secrets would have been nice! It's one thing with the h, who is like them and may have a place within said organization, but her friends...(yes I'm harping on the female bff, but there's a guy too) ...The hero barely knows them! he's had like two conversations with them, and suddenly they warrant full disclosure? seriously? Oh and there’s no cursing, so sex, it's totally 100% squeaky clean...however, One of my pet peeves pops up, via the thunder stealing, attention whore of a bff, Shut the Front Door! Man, i hate that phrase, It's pisses me off, royally. To be fair, i wasn't a fan of hers, anyway, so it's just one more thing to hate her for...oh and this last one...okay it didn't hit me right away...but there is no bad guy! no evil villain's to overthrow, no corrupt government to wage war against, no mad scientist, no terrorist plots, no evil demons, shifters, witches, vamps or what have you...The H wants to fix a mistake he made, and the h, she doesn't actually have a purpose beyond learning about who and what she goes like that til like the last...4th of the book, where she suddenly gains a purpose! she has to help the H, fix his mistakes, then save her friend...which happens super quickly!...honestly, this didn't bother me as much, mostly because it didn't occur to me, till i started writing this case you can't tell, i was a little blinded by irritation with the semi starring role the bff got.oh, wait another one! back to the relationship b/w the H and h...the whole thing that keeps them apart? Miscommunication. The heroes assumes (and you know what they say about ppl who assume things ) about the h, but never bothers to ask anyone about it...not even the bff he spends way too much time with!okay...*deep breath*okay. I’m done ranting. Really these are just my issues with it. Walker is a good writer, but I feel like a beta reader (if there isn’t one already) would be a big help. And this has gotten a few 5 star reviews, so again, it could all just be me. 2 stars.