Sweet Cravings - Eva LeFoy First person erotica, where we stay in the heroines head throughout, ...consequently we don't get to know the hero at all, IMO. And there's virtually no plot...And for such a short book, one with no plot no less, the h's insecurity was a tad irritating...seriously, its like the whole book is either a sex scene or her feeling bad about herself...she...comes to terms with it in the end, but again...there's no plot...so her triumph or whatever is less than satisfying...I did like that she was a BBW, though and not afraid of food. 2 stars not because its bad or anything, but because ( yes, again) there's no plot...the sex scenes were hot, but were also almost continuous..there's no building up to anything, the only angst is contrived, and while I like ms lefoy's writing style, not enough happens for this to earn a a higher rating.