Playing With You - Cheyenne McCray I was in a bit of a funk when I read this book/ wrote this review so i'll just suggest you take my review with a grain of saltCheyenne McCray is an author I came across years ago, and decided she just wasn't for me...I think I started a few of her books, but only managed to finish I stopped picking up her books altogether. Then 'playing with you ' came out, and I liked the idea behind who the bad guy was....So I picked it up, thinking it would only be another entry on my "technically a DNF, but don't want to label it as such so I'll just keep it on my currently reading shelf indefinitely shelf" but I ended up liking it a lot more than I expected I would....Now having admitted that, I'll mention that the story, itself, IMO was pretty cookie cutter, no surprises, and nothing really stuck out for me. And a lot of the descriptions seemed overly long, and wordy....I actually needed up skimming some of them! The book itself, also isn't very long, and the angst level was pretty low, thankfully. I just feel like there should have been more to it,,,maybe if we hadn't known who the villain was, or if there had been more depth to the MC's relationship, I'd have been more involved in the story. So it's not a favorite, and I'm not sure if I'll run out and buy the next McCray tittle, but I'm not writing her off either. On the plus side ( or at least what I'm calling a plus), I didn't actively dislike yay :) 2.5 stars.