Cards & Caravans (Gaslight Chronicles, #5) - Cindy Spencer Pape Cards and caravans had the potential to be a great addition to the gaslight chronicles but was too short to really accomplish anything, other then gypping these two MC's out of a great story of their own.... Also, if you read the last book, then you know that the H of this book figured he was in love with the heroine of that book...and obviously he was the rejected suitor but the heroine of that book, the one that rejected him, kept showing up in this story, now while I liked her in her own book, she bugged the crap out of me in this one ... and altogether that aspect of the book, and this heroines response to it was resolved way too easily...and literally on the very last page of the can you say grrrr? So I'll just say 2.5 to 3 stars and i expected a lot more.