Moosed Up - Tiffinie Helmer 3 stars. Cute story, a little longer then a novella, set in Alaska, which was cool, but could have been more so, if the author explored it a little more. And I usually don't like an excess of secondary characters running around, but I couldn't help but feel like we get gypped in that department....we get intro'd to a few characters but we don't really get to know any one in the town...and we don't get that small town feeling that I think we were supposed to. Oh and there's a secondary plot...that seemed a bit out of place...if the h had been involved in it, along with the hero, instead of only on the periphery it would have been fine...for the most part though this was an enjoyable read....though, it was a little shorter then I expected though, because there's a pretty long excerpt from the next book at the end.