Yes Chef, No Chef - Susan Willis DNFI tried, and tried again and then tried again after that...And I don't think I've ever said this about a book this length, but holy freaking hell, it seriously, seriously needed to be a novella. It's the story that doesn't keeps going and going and going....and half of it, is IMO totally unnecessary...we get descriptions of everything...Every new place gets an overly long and in depth description, and then for most if not all secondary as well as minor characters characters, we get in depth character studies...Because of course, the story can't get told unless we know every little thing about every single character the MC's come into contact with!Oh and the H is a whiner...and doesn't think anything is his fault. as far as I read, he was a definite negative check mark for the book. Maybe he gets better, I have no idea, but the few bits that came from his POV, weren't exactly fun to read. Now to be fair, I was expecting a contemporary romance read, not Chick lit, which this undoubtedly is...Very long and drawn out chick lit, but chick lit all the same, if that genre is your cuppa, you may like this, but it's one I usually avoid, so it's a no go for me.and no rating since I didn't finish it.