Unsafe Haven - Char Chaffin So it's a story you've heard/read before, abused heroine running from the big bad bad, and finds herself her very own hero....but ms chaffin tells it well and creates characters you can't help but care about...even when they pull beyond stupid crap....she makes it pretty damned hard to put the book down...i was so engrossed in the story despite knowing how everything was going to work out. As far as down sides there's only 2: the edge of your seat suspense I'm usually a fan of, is pretty tame and the ages of the MC's seems off...they're 23 (h) and 26 (H) but both act older IMO, and the hero's younger sister who's in a lot of the book, is 13 but seems to act younger...maybe if she'd been a boy it have worked, ( iirc, don't girls mature faster then boys do? ). It as it was, it was a little hard to believe. Anyway, even though it's not the most original story I've ever read, it was pretty entertaining, and I'm looking forward to Ms chaffin's next title. ...esp another Alaska set one :) between 3.5 and 4 stars