Her Guardian Angel (Fire and Snow) - Khloe Wren okay, really quickly, the plot:Girl meets boy. Boy and his fam and friends are all snow leopard shifters ( as a cat person, I totally dig this) unbeknownst to the girl. Boy knows girl is his mate and has been, literally, dreaming of her for years. So again they meet. Boy does everything he can to win girl. Girl is wary because she lost her mom (as a mom person -as in I love mine- i did not dig this) and is scared of losing someone else she cares about. Boy works hard to convince her, it's worth taking a chance. Add in an unnecessary suspense sub-plot featuring unbalanced bad guy - and another featuring the guru of shifters ( not a fan of this word choice, couldn't he have just been intro'd as their leader? ) and there you've got, the gist of Her Guardian Angel. Now then,what an awesome amazing setting! Freaking Tasmania! How cool is that (says the chick who's never been overseas)!As for the rest of the book....so I've got mixed feelings...On one level, the realtionship b/w the H and h was super super sweet. So sweet it's almost dull, but sweet none the less. On the other hand, so much doesn't make sense... And so much else contradicts itself...Like the hero's a cat shifter, yes? So wouldn't that make it hard for someone to sneak up on him? I mean at the very least shouldn't he be able to scent someone before they can surprise him? Except that's what did happen, and I couldn't figure out how the hell it happened... And why would the hero leave his heroine (who may be in danger) all by her lonesome in order to set up a protection detail instead of just using his freaking cell phone? I mean, at the very freaking least, he could call someone to keep an eye out while he takes care of business? how hard is that? It seems so obvious, that it calls the H's intelligence into question, that he didn't think of it. Also the suspense side plot is resolved too easily and way too early! There's a whole other side plot that comes out after it's resolved and it made me drop my rating a half star...I feel like the end of the book is the wrong place for an info dump...especially a confusing one. The info about the shifter 'verse could have (and IMO should have) been worked into the rest of the story. Really the entire plot line featuring the h's father should have been part of the overall story, rather than tacking it on the end... By then I was just waiting for the book to be over so I could move on to something else.okay, now maybe this is just me, that was bugged by this, but at one point the h and a child are both in need of rescue...For some reason the h is rescued first...and given precedence over the kid...IMO, it should have been the traumatized child that received aid first. Or simultaneously with the heroine, rather than having her treated like an after thought. so... i did have a few other issues, but I'm really just ready to move on, so I'll just say 2.5 stars. KW has promise, but this one just wasn't for me.