Beneath The Black Moon - Clara Fine First things,first: on Amazon this is listed under the title: Black Moon's Kiss by Rebecca Redd. Idk why there's a discrepancy, but to avoid any confusion I wanted to mention that first, Now then:2 stars. Too many inconsistencies and too much of the story didn't make sense...individually I had a bunch of small issues that just didn't fit, just didn't seem to have any rhyme or reason, but add them together and I spent a lot of time irritated at the over all story. Also the transitions needed work, specifically, the H and h going from just being suspicious of each other, to knowing the other is/was a threat... It was like they met, and they were oth suspicious of each others' secrets, then suddenly they knew the other wasnt just a possible threat, but a real one... I know that doesn't really make sense, but is hard to explain....just how they went for strangers to semi adversaries - granted adversaries who dug each other, but adversaries none the less - didn't make sense. also there's very little chemistry between the h and H, imo. To some degree, we know why he's into her, she's different from all the chicks he's known before, but it was harder to figure out why she was into felt like the h was only into him, because he was the county's most eligible bachelor. oh and as this is a historical, the h giving up her virginity should have been a BFD, but she barely thinks abut it....really the first sex scene sorta blindsided me, altogether, it just came out of nowhere. The second one, I sorta saw coming, but you know what?, As a romance lover I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think the romance is what really screws this story....take it out, and the story gets infinitely better ( not 5 stars, but a whole hell of a lot better then the generous 2 I'm giving it). And I'll admit, the voodoo stuff is confusing, I'm not sure if it was just described badly, or if the vocab screwed with my head, but I just couldn't follow along, and get as clear a picture as as well as I'd like. Oh and the bad guy comes out of nowhere too...but honestly, by that point, I was just glad I could finally put this away!On the positive side the over all story line is an interesting one, and Ms Redd does have a nice writing voice....I just think she needs someone to proof her stories better, so the flow and transitions work better, and nothing contradicts itself. Again, 2 stars.