Fate Knows Best - Alanea Alder Didya read the synopsis? Doesn't it sound super super good? Yeah, those expectations were seriously not met. So heres the breakdown of the story : they meet, they fall in love, and he breaks her heart...all in 60 seconds or less!Yeah, not a fan....it did have fewer sex scenes and more of a story than I'm used to from Siren books. And I did like the bare bones of the story. The idea was really good...it just needs editing/changing/fixing/adding to. First off the pace of the story needs to slooooow way the hell down. I mean seriously, it take pages to cover the majority of whats mentioned in the synopsis. And we need some more world building, And characterization. And relationship building ( again, hours after they meet, and right after she learns about the para world, the h wants to be claimed? Without even really knowing what it means?!). Also there needs to be a period of adjustment, after the h learns about the new to her para aspects of the world she's found herself in....honestly, this h, is sorta a Mary Sue. Every freaking one loves her....and most of it seems to be because she's polite. Oh and gay stereotypes abound in this story. And there are sooo many secondary characters I kept forgetting who was who!So yeah, I liked the idea, and I think Alanea Adler has talent ( along with an awesome name) but this needs some serious polishing. 2.5 stars