One More Summer - Liz Flaherty Started this thinking is was a contemporary romance,and whileromance is part of the story it's more family drama mixed with women's fiction...and It's a hard one to rate....for the most part it's pretty decently just left me feeling sad, even with the HEA, and not just for the obvious reason ( somebody dies)2 things that really bugged me:Hero had a backstory that takes for frekingever to come out, and by the time it did, it was the end of the book and I wasn't all together interested.Also the heroine is plain, has small breasts, and weird feet, and iirc bad hair. If you read 'one more summer', you'll see, this is apparently very important, because it's repeated every few pages...seriously, I get it! she's Sarah plain and tall, and that the hero loves her despite her looks makes him awesome! Yeah, I probably won't read another one by LF, but again, I think that's because this is less romance and more women's fiction, if you're into that genre you may like this a lot more than I did. 2 stars.