Beneath the Fire - Victoria Paige Meh...2 starsThe writing was too choppy, and the transitions are virtually non existent. i wasn't really a fan of any of the characters, and there seemed to be a few too many secondary ones popping up. Oh and there's pretty much no character development and only marginal background info, they're just there, and we get dumped into their story, and since we don't really get to know either character, it made it hard for me to care what happened to them. To be blunt, if this hasn't been a novella I probably wouldn't have finished. Now to be fair, this comes after the first book in the series, which i didnt read, but thats where ( I think) we initially meet the Hero.... so maybe there's more about him ( who's one of those guardians mentioned in the series name) at least there? Anyway, I probably won't be reading any more of these....this may be a novella, and so necessarily short on the details, but the writing style itself just didn't work for me. However,keep in mind, there are a bunch of higher rating for this, so it could just be me, who it doesn't work for.