Revocation - Laura Fields 2 stars but only because I finished it. Revocation has a decent premise, but surfers from too many editing errors ( including a few spots where the pov changes from 3rd to first person) and a serious lack of many things happened that left me with a case of " WTH just happened?! ....i dont think i could write a coherent plot synopsis if i tried, I was so confuzzeled.oh also too many things are left unexplained, and then there's bits that contradicts stuff that happened pages earlier...even when we find out who the bad guy was, I was just as lost and confused as when I started the book!So yeah.... there's a cliffhanger ending, but with out an editor and a proofreader, I don't think ill be going anywhere near the next book. Altogether revocation seems more like a rough draft rather than a finished product.