Moonlight - Lisa Kessler So I think I wanted to like this more than I actually did. Also I think I mixed up Lisa and [a:Jackie Kessler|213510|Jackie Kessler|]. So the h is a jag shifter only she has no idea. The H, the alpha's son, and a horse trainer, belongs to a pack that hates jags who threaten their territory ( meaning the jags who kill humans and bring attention to shifters) but this expanded somehow to all wolves hating all jags( this wasn't explained very well and left me a bit confused ), so having a jag as his mate = forbidden. Anyway, too much didn't make sense and too many things were left unanswered ( like why did the big bad organization only test wolves and jag shifters? Are they the only shifters they know about? Are they the only shifters that exist in kesslers world? Or we're they the most powerful shifters? Why did no other kind of shifter warrant reaserch? ) so it felt like ithere was a lot that wasn't totally thought through, and there was some continuity issues. Also, going from the H's brother hating the h to accepting her....yeah that change was a little too 180 degrees for me. If it had been more gradual, I'd hav e understood it, but the way it's written it seems like one minute he hates her, the next he's her BFF, and it's just not believable. So yeah 2.5 stars.