The Dragon's Gem (Dragons of Grayhurst, #1) - Donna Flynn ....And there it is, 67.3 % is my dnf point. I have no idea how or even why I got this far. ... Just starting off I knew this wouldn't be for me because the writing style is def hard to get into... Mostly it's the's very very precise, and dude, these ya's have the least ya like conversations.... Seriously I don't remember how old the Mc's are, but I'm (i think) a couple years away from being twice their age...and yet, I sound more like a ya ( not a fact in overly proud of) than they do. Seriously, that's just sadSo yeah, that was my number one issue, but one or two a few more (I keep thinking of more!), other things bothered me:These ya's are also some of the goodiest of goody goodies.... I mean even their plans are all goody good.... and all the drama is completely contrived (i rolled my eyes so many times!) , and imo serves little purpose. Oh and the heroines a total marysue...I can occasionally handle this, but in this case, it just felt like DF went overboard with her heroine....And she's (the h) is always crying! The hero shed a couple tears too, and while I'm not opposed to crying in either mc, the amount was seriously irritating. And some stuff doesn't make having a truck bed in an SUV ? Truck bed makes me think of pick ups, not SUV's. Also if you're asking a blind person out, why would you suggest the movies as your date of choice ( I'm not saying blind people can't enjoy going to the movies, only that asking out someone who's blind to go to the movies, seems absurd) then there's a bit about how the H and h are destined mates...and it supposed to a bfd, then there's a bit about the H's mom and some other dude who isn't her destined mate...and I got confused in the mixed messages.....Oh and the hero talks a lot about how the h is his destined mate....but that's all he seems to talk he only likes her because she was predetermined to be his...not because of who she is, regardless of any other factors (can you say a romancelandia no-no?) The hero's use of the endearment 'Baby'....this is something I usually like from my heroes, but it sounds so so so weird coming from this hero...every time he says it, I can't help but laugh!So yeah, I'm done. There may be more issues, or hell maybe a few of these get better, idk, nor do I care. I got to the point where the h has to save the H and she comes with some ridiculous plan....and I just can't go on.