Strange Neighbors (Strange Neighbors, #1) - Ashlyn Chase Half way through the book, and I've reached my DNF point:A cute story, with a great idea but one that doesn't really work: it's a light paranormal, with pretty explicit sex scenes ( it's not that I mind this, only that it doesn't seem to mesh with the story being told) the characters that don't ring true and a lot of what they do, seems to lack common sense, there's a side story featuring a ghost, that at 50% in still doesn't make sense and o ly serves to take the focus off the H and h, also -and lastly- at 50% there's still no mention of the H's being a shapeshifter...I think there's some mention of him having an affliction, but that's about, like i said, DNF-ing it....not because it's bad book, but because of the issues I've already listed and really, it hasn't sucked me in, and honestly, I just don't care all that much how it ends.