Phoenix Rising - Corrina Lawson 4 stars fr the first 3/4 ths and then maybe 3 for the started out great, and it was exciting and fun....then it sorta fizzled out....the whole thing should have ended after the MC's escaped the big bad organization , instead of dragging on for that last mission. To some extent I know why it was included, but meh, it was so loooooonnnnggg. And the way the big bad dies?seriously? For a guy that's lived over two hundred years, he gets taken out pretty easily. Also, IMO, the whole immortality bit didn't really fit n to story, it seemed very out of place.. Also while there is a good deal of background info, and world building it comes in at the end of the book...great for future title, irritating in this one. And lastly, the sorta ends abruptly....I go to read the next page, and I got the 'about the author', one instead....can you say jarring? Anyway, Phoenix Rising was an Altogether a well written action packed story ( though I still don't know whether it was a PNR or SFR....maybe a little bit of both?), and I'm definitely going to be looking for more titles from Ms Lawson.