The Blogger Abides - Chris   Higgins,  Ransom Riggs,  Adrienne Crezo Well, this was better then I'd expected... From the cover (which i didn't take a look at until after I started reading!) i really didn't think there'd be much a story, but there was ab actual plot! And Ms Whistler created two pretty interesting characters.... Though I have to admit, as well as she wrote them, the heroine did get on my nerves... She spent a decade in the army, which was super cool, but also a fact she wouldn't let us forget for even a second... Every couple pages it seemed like she'd mention her military service..... It got old. And was the main reason I put this down so many times. But the part to focus on is, that I picked it back up! :p Also the suspense part was okay, but IMO wrapped up a bit too abruptly... I was thinking we had plenty of story left and then suddenly they're catching the not so big bad...So... lets say 2.5 To 3 stars, I'd definitely read more from ms whistler, even though this one was not a favorite.