Craving Constellations (The Aces, #1) - Nicole Jacquelyn

So I'm in the minority here, but to be honest, if this is what mc books are like now, I just don't think they're for me. I've read KA's and those iirc, were pretty good, but I think I need to be pickier from here on out. Having said that, the rest of this review, ( if you can really even call it that) is spoilery so read at your own risk.


So....I mean first off, the H is a criminal. Now that in itself doesn't automatically bug me, ( okay it bugs me a little bit, but if I understood why he and the rest if the club were criminals then maybe it wouldn't have been an issue) but that he's a gunrunner does....I mean who's getting these damn guns? And what the hell are they doing with them? And does anyone in the mc give a damn? And why isn't this ever explained, dammit? Oh and the dude hits his heroine. Just once, mind you, but it was enough to leave a foul taste in my mouth and her reason for forgiving him? Those are the same ones chicks with abusive guys use. The reasons they use to justify staying with the douches instead of getting the hell outta dodge. Ridiculous reasons the h probably used to stay with her ex for too damn long but now that shes with the hero, no longer apply? riiight. IMO, we just didn't get enough of his remorse, for it to be buyable. It just seemed like she was doing the same damn thing and was still a victim and that she hadn't grown the least little bit.


Add to that, in the club, seeing a woman beaten is a normal occurrence? It was something the h grew up with? Something no one even bats their eyes at? And no one could understand why the h wouldn't want to live that life? Really? I'm not sure how to explain why that's horrible, but I'm really hoping it's self explanatory.


Then there's the fact that the so called princess of the mc, the heroine....who spends a good chunk ( maybe like 90%) of the story being a victim... hard ass, my ass.


And there's a few issues with reasoning.... Like the h and/or the H would do something, and for the life of me I wouldn't be able to understand why. Or how something they're doing now is different from something they'd done earlier, but to me it seemed like it was exactly the same. Like (and okay there are better examples than this one but this was the first to come to mind...) the H is with someone else while the h is off on her own for five years the H was with his ex, the chick he was with for the last year, before the h came back, and says she was great in the sack and in said sack, would let him do anything he damn well pleased... Later on he says the same damn thing ( worded differently though) about the how the hell was she (the h) different from his ex? And they, our main characters, only knew each other for a day....He probably knew his ex better than the h!


So yeah, just not my cuppa. NJ is a pretty decent writer though, but Craving Constellation just didn't work for me. Again, I'm in the minority, so it may just be me who doesn't get it. Who really <i> really</i> doesn't get it. 2 stars


On a side note, something I usually love is alternating pov's, so in case anyone else wants to know, there are maybe a handful ( give or take) of chaps from the H's pov.