Honey, I Shrunk the Werewolf - Dakota Cassidy Grrr to picking up books by authors you know aren't for you. To be fair, I got sucked in by the synopsis before realizing Dakota Cassidy wrote this. I also didn't realize it was an Ellora's cave title...yeah, I know, go me and my amazing attention to detail,right?Now DC's not a bad writer, she's just not for me. I never think her books are funny even though almost every positive review I come across mentions how hilarious her writing is, and I always end her books more irritated, than anything.Having said that, if your a fan, I think you'll like this one. Even if, IMO, there's more sex then story. If she's a new to you author, this isn't a bad place t start. But if like me, you've read her before and didn't jump on her bandwagon, this one's unlikely to change things for you.