Lady X - Claudy Conn Cute story,I'm not usually a fan of 'witch' books, but CC's story was a pretty easy, if a bit long, read. But despite its' length, it fell a little short in the depth department IMO. And a lot wasn't explained,or at least not enough for me. Like the H and h's ability to hide their abilities from each other. Her, I understand, she hand t reached her full potential yet, but he's centuries old, shouldn't he have been able to tell, there was some thing off? and why did the h, only think the two options for the Hero, was that he either he human or a witch? why didn't she think it was possible for him to be anything else? and why couldn't any of the other super naturals in the past, who were supposed to be super powerful, detect that the h wasn't human? And if the h's mom was supposed to be super white witch, the most powerful me alive, then why couldn't she fight or help the h fight her dads compulsion? Too many questions, and not enough info for me. Also, I really would have preferred if both MC's found out about the others secret identity, earlier on, rather than at the very end of the book. And it feels like a lot happened, and it takes forever and a day to get to the end of the story, and then when we get there, everything wraps up waaaay to fast, and all rainbows and sunshine. Oh and there were a lot of pov's and not enough, IMO from the Hero's, perspective. All together, though this was a decent read, it just needs some polishing, me thinks. 3 to 3.5 stars