Sweetly Bad - Anya Breton



Okay so I really wasn't expecting much from this Ellora's cave title. IMO, there are a lot more misses than hits, with EC titles, so I figured it'd be a quick read, hopefully a hot one, and if we got any plot at all, I'd call it a win.


So color me surprised, there's actual story to this story!

It's not very in depth, but still it's there! And it doesn't fade into the background!


Lets see, real quick, the H is a air witch, who's ferrari breaks down in the h's small town of (iirc) Stoddard. He did a douchey thing so his rich mommy cuts him off and marks him as a rogue ( this however wasn't explained very well, but I think it just means he's got a target on his back), which means none of his acquaintances ( i.e former bed bunnies) will go near him....who does help him? The h, who towed his car to her garage. Only she's got her own issues, her ass of an ex, won't leave her alone about buying her out, and a few of her recent fixes, have become unfixed....but still she gives hm a roof over his head, until things can work out.


What I liked: it was cute story, overall. The H wasn't all alpha and suave....if anything he's pretty inept....I'd have looooved more of this actually, but at one point the h gets to teach him how to kiss :) the h was pretty cool, though I did wish we got more of her back story. And the most surprising bit, was the funny bits. There are a few scenes, ESP in the first half that make me giggle ( and I'm not a giggler, dammt!) .


Now while it was a cute story, especially watching the douchey spoiled H becoming less so, there was a lot left out. We don't get nearly enough info about the witchy world, plot points are brought up but never resolved ( the h's relationship with her bitchy sister, the thing with her ex, the H's relationship with his mommy, etc...) and IMO, it ends In a sort of abrupt place.


Altogether, 3 to 3.5. An enjoyable read, and I'd love to read more from ms Breton :)Oh and thanks to netgalley for giving me the opportunity read this one (in exchange for an honest review ) :D.